Why does it say that module pygame has no init member?

visual studio code pygame' has no 'init' member
module 'pygame' has no 'quit' member
module 'pygame' has no 'init' memberpylint(no-member)
module 'pygame' has no 'init' member pylint(no-member)
vscode pylint module has no member
vscode module pygame has no init member
python has no init member
module 'pygame has no k_right member

This is the code I have:

import pygame

I'm very confused because if I try to run the file, then there seems to be no issue, but pylint says the following:

E1101:Module 'pygame' has no 'init' member

I have searched thoroughly for a solution to this "error". In every relevant case I found, the solution was to make sure that I have not made another file or folder with the name "pygame", because in that case, I would just be importing my own file or folder.

However, I have not made a folder or file with a name even close to "pygame", so I don't know what the problem is.

As said earlier, it seems like I'm able to run the file without any issues and having errors like this confuses me in my learning process.

I write code in Visual Studio Code, I'm using python 3.6, I'm using pygame 1.9.3 and have updated my pylint. Any help would be appreciated.

If you have VS code, go in your .vscode folder > settings.json or search for python.linting.mypyArgs Under user settings tab paste inbetween curly braces

"python.linting.pylintArgs": [
    "--extension-pkg-whitelist=lxml"  // The extension is "lxml" not "1xml"

I no longer see the pyinit error.

Why does it say that module pygame has no init member?, Following is the code I have: import pygame pygame.init() I'm very confused because if I try to run the file, then there seems to be no issue, but pylint says the​  Hope this is a relevant place to share. Small lesson for my 10yo son on solving problems with computers. My son was assigned the following simple math worksheet.. I was really impressed that after completing the first addition, he realised that it was going to be a very menial and repetitive task.

Summarizing all answers.

This is a security measure to not load non-default C extensions.

  1. You can white-list specific extension(s).

    Open user settings and add the following between {}:

    "python.linting.pylintArgs": [
        "--extension-pkg-whitelist=extensionname" // comma separated
  2. You can allow to "unsafe load" all extensions.

    Open user settings and add the following between {}:

    "python.linting.pylintArgs": [

Module 'pygame' has no 'init' member : learnpython, I could never accurately describe how much your help would mean to me right now. Full disclosure: am noob. Please dont be mad at my code. I added as many​  This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

I find an answer and it really works for me. See the accepted answer and change it to extension-pkg-whitelist=lxml

pylint 1.4 reports E1101(no-member) on all C extensions

Pygame has no 'init' member error, Code, I always get the error "Module 'pygame' has no 'init' member pylint(no-​member)". Asman-H What do you mean by "on telephone"? Hi, I'm relatively new to python, I was trying the pygame module but there were errors saying "pygame has no init member" and "pygame has no QUIT member". However, pygame.display.set_mode had no issues at all. Anyone knows what is causing this?

This answer includes the answer to your question. In short it explains:

Pylint imports modules to effectively identify valid methods and attributes. It was decided that importing c extensions that are not part of the python stdlib is a security risk and could introduce malicious code.

and as a solution it mentions, among others:

Disable safety using the .pylintrc setting unsafe-load-any-extensions=yes.

See here for more information about pylint.rc. Quickest method is to just create the file .pylintrc in your project directory or your home directory.

Arreglar module 'pygame' has no attribute 'init' en Python, Chat Replay is disabled for this Premiere. Advertisement. Autoplay Duration: 1:43 Posted: Jul 19, 2019 I'm trying to use Pygame with Python 3.3 on my windows 8 laptop. Pygame installed fine and when I import pygame it imports fine as well. Although when I try to execute this small code: import pyga

Check if you have a python file named pygame.py created by you in your directory. If you do, then the import pygame line is importing your own file instead of the real Pygame module. Since you don't have an init() function in that file, you're seeing this particular error message.

Module pygame has no init member - Em Português BR, Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit Duration: 2:15 Posted: Jan 16, 2020 Have you got a file in your local directory, or in your PYTHONPATH that is called ‘pygame.py’ (and that includes the script that you are trying to run) ? Assuming you have a file called ‘pygame.py’, the import will work, but since that module wont

Pygame.init(), Following is the code I have: import pygame pygame.init(). I'm very confused because if I try to run the file, then there seems to be no issue, but  Module 'pygame' has no 'QUIT' member error! Close. 3. say, Spring Boot. You want to add suggestion how i can approve my code please do. I have learned so much

Error: "MODULE 'pygame' has no 'init' member pylint(no-member)", It is safe to call this function more than once as repeated calls have no effect. Note. Calling pygame.quit() uninitialize all pygame modules will not exit your program  How do I detect key presses and mouse clicks in Python? Module 'pygame' has no 'init' member. I’d say, if you’re looking for where to go next after

pylint issues · Issue #728 · pygame/pygame · GitHub, QUIT both saying pygame has no 'init' member or 'QUIT' member. Here is my code: import pygame import sys SCREEN_WIDTH = 500 SCREEN_HEIGHT = 500  The attribute error in Python means that you tried accessing a property of something, but that thing doesn't have that property. For example, "module has no attribute" means that an imported

  • did you install pygame with pip or how did u install it? what happens when you run print(dir(pygame)) after your import?
  • Also, what is printed with import pygame; print(pygame)?
  • I first installed pygame with pip but I also tried to download a python wheel file for it, extract it and place the pygame folder into the Lib\site-packages, which is where other stuff like cx_Freeze and Django is. Both methods yield the same result.
  • print(dir(pygame)) gives me a large list of what looks like commands. among them, I can actually find 'init'. print(pygame) gives me this: <module 'pygame' from 'D:\\coding\\python\\lib\\site-packages\\pygame\_init_.py'>
  • The code works, but only pylint tells you there is a problem, right?
  • look in the link below. it gets rid of "Module 'pygame' has no 'init' member" error in vs code when you are trying to make a pygame.
  • never mind, I found out more myself.
  • If you're using VS Code for Mac, this is what you need to do in order to edit the settings.json file: 1. Click on Code (i.e. the Visual Studio Code tab which is on the left of the 'File' tab) -> Preferences - > Settings 2. Scroll down to Extensions and click on Python in the list. 3. Click on any of the Edit in settings.json links. This opens up settings.json for editing.
  • Actually, I had to white-list pygame to get rid of these false errors. Should I edit this answer accordingly? Does white-listing lxml work for some users?
  • It should be "--extension-pkg-whitelist=pygame".
  • It should be "--extension-pkg-whitelist=pygame".
  • It should be "--extension-pkg-whitelist=pygame".