Windows 10 Docker : /usr/bin/env: 'php\r': No such file or directory

docker windows line endings
usr/bin/env: 'bashr
usr/bin/env bash windows
usr/bin/env not found
docker windows m
usr/bin/env bash no such file or directory windows
stderr usr bin env bash r no such file or directory
usr/bin/env php

I have a docker-compose.yml file where i defined the images and the build for php. Its made for a Symfony application with php, nginx and postgresql with postgis:

version: '2'

    image: nginx
      - "81:80"
      - "engine:engine"
      - "db:db"
      - ".:/home/docker:ro"
      - "./docker/front/default.conf:/etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf:ro"

    build: ./docker/engine/
      - ".:/home/docker:rw"
      - "./docker/engine/php.ini:/usr/local/etc/php/conf.d/custom.ini:ro"
      - "db:db"
    working_dir: "/home/docker"

    image: camptocamp/postgres:9.6
      - "5433:5432"
      - "POSTGRES_DB=pfe"
      - "POSTGRES_PASSWORD=admin"
      - "POSTGRES_USER=admin"
      - "PGDATA=/var/lib/postgresql/data/pgdata"

Everything works fine on Ubuntu but when i tryied to run the same environement onw windows 10 i got an error.

docker-compose exec engine bin/console doctrine:schema:create
    /usr/bin/env: 'php\r': No such file or directory

From the error message it seems you are facing issue related to EOL.

Try converting your scripts/files to UNIX formatted EOL.

You can use Sublime / Notepadd++ or any editor that supports this feature. Or on unix platform you can try dos2unix.

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I figure out a way to solve based on this:

tr -d '\015' <DOS-file >UNIX-file

So, I did this:

$ docker exec -it <container> bash
$ cd bin
$ tr -d '\015' <console >
$ mv console console.old
$ mv console

It's now working :)

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1) Another possible fix for this kind of error is to add .gitattribues file to your project and set *.sh text eol=lf (on any file extension that is run inside your docker containers). This way git defaults on Windows won't mess your .sh files. Caution: you need to get fresh git pull for this to work.

2) In my case the error was just running php script that did not has right permissions. So you chmod it beforehand or add php at the beginning. Ex: php bin/console

Both problems could lead to the same error.

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  • maybe the php command is not defined in your windows environment variables
  • Did you have a solution?
  • They are formated as for Unix! But the issue that Docker can't make the php run in the container. It works for postgresql when i use: docker-compose exec db psql database name -U database user name
  • And as the built was made with docker on windows that runs on Linux containers in Hyper-V! omg this is really complicated
  • Do login into the container and execute the command inside container manually.
  • docker-compose exec -it engine sh and then inside console try bin/console doctrine:schema:create
  • Sorry but it doesnt work! it just shows me the help as the command is wrong