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I created a new project in PhpStorm and my all php files were running successfully. But suddenly it started showing 502 bad gateway error. I am using PhpStorm 9.0 and xampp server using port no 80 and 443. How can I fix it.

You must install php-cgi on your server.

For more information you can see this link:


502 bad gateway – IDEs Support (IntelliJ Platform), I am using PhpStorm 2019.1.2 with wampserver 3.1.9. When I try to open with browser any project of phpstorm it works except for those in When I click on Run I get this error: 502 Bad Gateway - PhpStorm 9.0 and this popup in my project source code: So I click on configuredPHP Interpreter, and this is what pops up: I haven't a clue what goes in the include path (the PhpStorm instructions don't mention this that I could find)

502 Bad Gateway PHP+XAMPP – IDEs Support (IntelliJ Platform , You are NOT using your XAMPP. Based on your last screenshot (localhost:63342​), PhpStorm's built-in simple web server is used instead. 0. Use XAMPP. Built-in web server may result in 502 errors (it's a known issue). My best guess so far: the Run/Debug Configuration that you have must be still pointing to built-in web server address -- double check that.

localhost:63342 means it is handled by phpstorm built in server. if you want to use xampp, just open your browser and type correct URL manually.



PhpStorm 502 Bad Gateway Error, How to fix PHPStorm 502 gateway error using MAMP. Category. Science & Technology. Show Duration: 1:53 Posted: Aug 3, 2015 I am using PhpStorm 2019.1.2 with wampserver 3.1.9. When I try to open with browser any project of phpstorm it works except for those in which php script is embed with html and simple phpinfo funct

Solve/Fix "502 Bad Gateway" in PHP File Running-work with , Solve/Fix Phpstorm 502 Bad gateway error in PHP File - work with XAMPP Server in windows Duration: 2:36 Posted: Oct 14, 2017 Another way of getting a 502 Bad Gateway error is when a php scripts emits too much errors/warnings/notices. I had a script that was generating thousands of notices because of uninitialised variables that would lead to the 502 Bad Gateway error.

how to setup built-in webserver in PhpStorm, Error: 502 bad gateway. I am quite stuck now. share. As an alternative -- if you do not wish to look into it (for whatever reason, e.g. "have no time", "do not need to know that", "it sounds too complicated for me" or something else) -- you may just setup automatic deployment and PhpStorm will copy files into another folder on file save. Some links:

phpstorm debug, However, in phpstorm when I choose "run", the site is launched with the following URL, shows "502 bad gateway" error, and cannot reach the  After running the PHP site in the browser and getting the 502 bad gateway error, when you switch back to PHPStorm you should see the following message: You must have PHP installed on your machine. To do that, you can follow the PHP installation on Windows manual or if you have Chocolatey installed, just type. choco install php

  • If you are using XAMPP then I do not see how PhpStorm can affect this... Screenshots please (browser with URL visible).
  • localhost:63342/NewWorld/test1.php is the link and the error is 502 Bad Gatway phpstrom9.0. There is nothing else.
  • You are NOT using XAMPP -- it's PhpStorm's simple built-in server in action (look at URL -- localhost:63342/PROJECT_NAME/path/in/the/project). IDE uses such built-in server when you use Open in Browser action and have no Deployment entry configured (where you can specify your correct XAMPP URL to be used)
  • To "fix" it -- go to Settings (Preferences on Mac) and search for "Deployment"; then create deployment entry, configure it and mark it as Default for this project. Or just do not use Open in Browser action and always use/type right URL in a browser.
  • Thanks for your reply. I got it worked just created the project again and selected the interpreter again.
  • How did you detemine that? If I configure my XAMPP server to use port 63342, it does exactly that
  • yeah you right, but usually phpstorm use the port 63342. that's why i said that.