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I am trying to use VBA to automate the Change Picture function when you right click a Shape in Excel/Word/Powerpoint.

However, I am not able to find any reference, can you assist?

You can change the source of a picture using the UserPicture method as applied to a rectangle shape. However, you will need to resize the rectangle accordingly if you wish to maintain the picture's original aspect ratio, as the picture will take the dimensions of the rectangle.

As an example:

 ActivePresentation.Slides(2).Shapes(shapeId).Fill.UserPicture ("C:\image.png")

How to change a picture in a worksheet dynamically [VBA], You can easily add more details using this approach for example in cell D4. Formula in cell C4: =INDEX(Data!B2:B9,MATCH(C2,Data!A2:A9,0)). Use html character entities instead of less than and larger than signs. < becomes &lt; and > becomes &gt; How to add VBA code to your comment [vb 1="vbnet" language=","] Put your VBA code here. [/vb] How to add a picture to your comment: Upload picture to or imgur Paste image link to your comment.

So far as I know you can't change the source of a picture, you need to delete the old one and insert a new one

Here's a start

strPic ="Picture Name"
Set shp = ws.Shapes(strPic)

'Capture properties of exisitng picture such as location and size
With shp
    t = .Top
    l = .Left
    h = .Height
    w = .Width
End With


Set shp = ws.Shapes.AddPicture("Y:\our\Picture\Path\And\File.Name", msoFalse, msoTrue, l, t, w, h)
shp.Name = strPic
shp.ScaleHeight Factor:=1, RelativeToOriginalSize:=msoTrue
shp.ScaleWidth Factor:=1, RelativeToOriginalSize:=msoTrue

VBA Code to insert, move, delete and control pictures, It is not often that we have to control pictures or images within Excel. with the user defined function to insert and change pictures based on a cell value, Instead of using the “Picture 3” of the Sub CenterInCell(), is it possible  The VBA program runs automatically when the designated cells change (A10:A20). The following is the Excel file but do change the file path for the pictures and do change the names to reflect pictures in your folder

'change picture without change image size
Sub change_picture()
strPic = "Picture 1"
Set shp = Worksheets(1).Shapes(strPic)

'Capture properties of exisitng picture such as location and size
With shp
    t = .Top
    l = .Left
    h = .Height
    w = .Width
End With


Set shp = Worksheets(1).Shapes.AddPicture("d:\pic\1.png", msoFalse, msoTrue, l, t, w, h)
shp.Name = strPic

End Sub

How do I make vba use the "change picture" function, My pictures all have different aspect ratios. but I can't find anything about keeping that functionality and changing the picture using vba. The goal is to create a sort of GUI for users in which sometimes I need a single image to fire a macro that toggles something, and so the image needs to change to reflect this. I am open to swapping embedded image files OR using wide images while only showing part of the image that has the appropriate graphic element in it.

In Word 2010 VBA it helps to change the .visible option for that picture element you want to change.

  1. set the .visible to false
  2. change the picture
  3. set the .visilbe to true

that worked for me.

VBA code to change image - Excel General, In data Sheet i set up cell "E3" to select the code of a car (A,D or L plus 3 numbers e.g. L003) using data validation from a pivot table. Cell "E4"  Change image with a VBA User-Defined Function If you’re working along with the example file, look at the UDF tab.   Finally, we will consider a VBA user-defined function.   This is a formula created using VBA macros to insert and change pictures.

what I do is lay both images on top of eachother, and assign the macro below to both images. Obviously i've named the images "lighton" and "lightoff", so make sure you change that to your images.

Sub lightonoff()

If ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("lighton")).Visible = False Then
    ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("lighton")).Visible = True
    ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("lighton")).Visible = False
    End If

End Sub

VBA change Picture 1, Hi I have an image on my workbook (tab called 'Section 1'). Learn Excel - Changing Case in Excel: Lower, Upper, Proper: Podcast #  In Word 2010 VBA it helps to change the .visible option for that picture element you want to change. set the .visible to false. change the picture. set the .visilbe to true. that worked for me. improve this answer. edited Sep 11 '15 at 18:09.

Change Picture Source using VBA, I have picture icons that I want to toggle between given a condition. Is there a way to programmatically do this using VBA Hello, As the title goes this is as simple as it gets. The macro worked good when I was using excel 2003 but now that I have 2007 everything works for except the resizing (Picture.Width & Picture. Height). Sub AddImage() Dim strPath As String Dim strFile As String Dim Picture As Object Dim

VBA Excel - Change Image Control using Data Validation , This video shows how to change the Image control (Image1) picture using the Worksheet Duration: 5:38 Posted: Nov 11, 2012 Please find more details about VBA ActiveX Image_Control on the UserForm. Go To Developer Tab and then click Visual Basic from the Code or Press Alt+F11. Go To Insert Menu, Click UserForm. Please find the screenshot for the same.

Load an Image into an Image Box, You can, however, write code to load a picture into an image box. You do it with the By using ThisWorkbook.Path we'd only get a path to the If we had set it up in our Private Sub, it could only be seen from that Sub. To get the name of the​ 

  • Have you tried using the macro recorder and checking what the auto-generated code was?
  • @assylias this is one of the (few) actions recorder doesn't record
  • @chrisneilsen fair enough - I didn't know.
  • Technically this adds a fill to a shape, and the fill won't be visible if your shape is a picture.
  • Worked well in excel
  • Hi Chris, I thought about that too, however, when it comes to Shadow, Contrast, Brightness, I cannot even change their properties, it will give me errors like copying the property from the old picture to the new picture. But, I can programmatically like Shadow.Blur = 30, but if I say NewPic.Shadow.Blur = OldPic.Shadow.Blur, I get errors.
  • Either record the properties of the old picture in variables before deleting it or leave the picture in place while you copy its properties, record its z-order, then delete it and move the new picture back to the original picture's z-order
  • 1up as I can't find any code to change the picture :( so I though this is the only way, but this doesn't make any sense Microsoft :(
  • and that was for left click, not right click, coz in powerpoint there is only mouse click and mouseover
  • if u still ask for right click, i'am not find the solution yet