Null Pointer Exception After Adding Dependency to Spark2 Interpreter

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zeppelin java lang nullpointerexception at org apache thrift transport tsocket open tsocket java 170
zeppelin 0.8 1 spark version
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I am trying to add this dependency to the spark 2 interpreter in zeppelin

However, after adding the dependency, I get a null pointer exception when running any code.

You don't need to add spark-sql, it is already in spark interpreter.

I am trying to add this dependency to the spark 2 interpreter in zeppelin https://​ However, after​  I am testing spark within zeppelin. But in running tutorial %spark2.spark spark.verson It throws the following error: java.lang.NullPointerException at org.apache

Just add %spark.sql at the top of your notebook to provide an SQL environment

NullPointerException at org.apache.zeppelin.spark.​( at It seems Zeppelin uses Scala 2.10 I had added dependency of Scala csv for version 2.11 that caused the null pointer error​. After setting environment variables and running the same code in PyCharm, I'​m  Spark Null Pointer Exception. (or one of dependencies) 15/09/22 18:46:24 WARN Connection: BoneCP specified but not present in CLASSPATH (or one of dependencies

I solved the problem. I was defining a class in Scala. The methods to_date & date_format were being used inside the class but my import statements were outside the class. All I had to do was place the import statements inside the class brackets and it worked fine.

case class HelperClass(){
import org.apache.spark.sql.functions._
import org.apache.spark.sql.types._

var fire_services_customDF = fire_servicesDF
var data=fire_servicesDF

def SetDatatypes() : Unit = {
    data=fire_services_customDF.withColumn("CallDateTmp",date_format(to_date(col("CallDate"), "MM/dd/yy"), "yyyy-MM-dd").cast("timestamp"))

def PrintSchema() : Unit= {


NullPointerException at org.apache.zeppelin.spark.Utils. createSparkContext_2( at org.apache.zeppelin.spark. Make sure that if you are using that, your extra repository is You may find that it has downloaded a webpage and named it after your package jar instead. Switch to  Null pointer Exception while starting spark shell. Log In. Export. XML Word Printable JSON. BoneCP specified but not present in CLASSPATH (or one of dependencies)

Spark Interpreter fails with Null Pointer Exception,Spark Interpreter NullPointerException at org.apache.zeppelin.spark. %spark2.spark spark.​version I created sub-queues in scheduler, but did not add spark to any of  I just know what you want is the maven-shade-plugin and on each of your dependencies you need a scope of "provided" for things not to shade in (like the bukkit API) and then "compile" for things you want shaded in.

As we see the following error while installing the SHELL interpreter. org.sonatype​.aether.RepositoryException: Cannot fetch dependencies for org  We have a self built package that works for us in shell programs but when I try importing into zeppelin I am unable to continue working on zeppelin and can even do print in pyspark context.

for spark 1.6 and create another spark interpreter named spark2 for spark 2.2 NullPointerException at org.apache.zeppelin.spark. spark.jars.packages in interpreter setting, but since adding third party libraries is usually application specific. Inline ConfInterpreter so that user can see clearly what dependencies this  In Spark 2.0, while reading avro file, got java.lang.NullPointerException exception in com.databricks.spark.avro.DefaultSource. Here is code snippet that throws exception val sc = new SparkContext(conf) val inStream = "/log/*.avro" val s

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  • Im trying to run this command: data=fire_services_customDF.withColumn("CallDateTmp",date_format(to_date(col("CallDate"), "MM/dd/yy"), "yyyy-MM-dd")).cast("timestamp")Getting this error: <console>:37: error: not found: value date_format data=fire_services_customDF.withColumn("CallDateTmp",date_format(to_date(col("CallDate"), "MM/dd/yy"), "yyyy-MM-dd")).cast("timestamp") <console>:37: error: not found: value to_date data=fire_services_customDF.withColumn("CallDateTmp",date_format(to_date(col("CallDate"), "MM/dd/yy"), "yyyy-MM-dd")).cast("timestamp")
  • date_format is the function of spark sql. You need to import them explicitly. This error is not due to the missing of spark sql jar
  • Getting this error now: <console>:2: error: ';' expected but '.' found. %spark.sql
  • make sure the correct interpretors are selected (the wheel on the right hand side)