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I tried to install Image Magically on Ubuntu which is on an Amazon instance.

I followed the reference at for that.

There I followed the following steps to install Image Magically on server.

$ gem install magickly

After that I installed the "thin" gem using under given command.

$ gem install thin

Then I tried to start thin gem with following command.

$ thin start

But it gives me the error: No adapter found for /home/ubuntu

How to solve this issue?

You have to create the application, here is how:

Create an application directory:

mkdir magickly
cd magickly

Create Gemfile file with following content:

gem 'magickly'

Create file with following content:

require 'magickly'
run Magickly::App

Run bundle install. Now you can start the server:

thin start

and access the app at http://localhost:3000

No Adapter for default fastr app · Issue #1 · chrismoos/fastr · GitHub, I am using: Kubuntu 10.04 Ruby 1.8.7 eventmachine 0.12.10 thin 1.2.7 cd testapp thin -p 5000 start results in No adapter found for /home/ru A +thin+ script offers an easy way to start your Rack application: cd to / your / app thin start. When using with Rails and Bundler, make sure to add gem 'thin' to your Gemfile. See example directory for samples. Command Line Examples. Use a rackup file and bind to localhost port 8080: thin -R -a -p 8080 start

For others who get the error: thin: No adapter found for /home/ubuntu : You might simply have forgotten to cd to the root folder.

File: README, If you want to set up Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu Lucid from scratch, there are quite I found most of them involve compiling, only highlight 1 aspect, or are a bit outdated. export PATH="${PATH}:/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin/" $ echo 'export Nginx will be the Web server, proxing ruby requests to thin, running on  “bundle exec thin start -C config/thin.yml” does not start thin in attempt to deploy rails app to server I faced problem that 'thin' does't stars when I try do star it with cap production deploy:start.

I saw this error message because the service user Thin was configured to use isn't permitted to cd to the directory. The cd silently failed and it then complained not to find the adapter which is a bit misleading.

Running Ruby on Rails on Nginx, Ruby: start thin: No adapter found for /home/ubuntu. I tried to install Image Magically on Ubuntu which is on an Amazon instance. I followed the reference at. thin -p 9292 -P tmp/pids/ -l logs/thin.log -d start Thin is quite flexible in that many options can be specified at the command line (see thin -h for more). Configuration files. You can create a configuration file using thin config -C config/thin.yml. You can then use it with all commands, such as: thin start -C config/thin.yml.

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Ruby on Rails - ArchWiki, If you want to skip it, append --no-document to the install command. $ gem install rails gem is a package manager for Ruby modules, somewhat like pacman is to Arch Linux. First install thin gem: $ gem install thin. Then start it using: $ thin start ExecStart=/home/rails/.gem/ruby/2.2.0/bin/bundle exec  Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu Ubuntu is a popular platform for Rails development, as are other Unix-based operating systems such as Mac OS X. Installation is relatively easy and widespread help is available in the Rails developer community.