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I'm including a PHP class with


but when the code is executed i receive this error:

Fatal error: Class 'User' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\WebName\resources\engine\ajax\signup.php on line 12

I still can't figure out what's the problem. I'm 99% sure it's correct.

The "$ENGINE" is correct, and the class is correct too (Netbeans suggests me class methods and variables).



/* Created on: 13/12/2011
 * Author: 
 * Description: User signup procedure.


$user = new User();
$user->createUser($_POST["username"], $_POST["email"], $_POST["password"]);




/* Created on: 13/12/2011
 * Author: 
 * Description: This class manages users.


class User {

    public function createUser($username, $email, $password){
        $cassandra = Cassandra::createInstance($CASSANDRASERVER);
                    'ID' => uniqid(),
                    'Username' => $username,
                    'Email' => $email,
                    'Password' => $password


First of all check if $ENGINE."/classUser.php" is a valid name of existing file. Try this:


php - How to fix "Class '' not found" error, I am getting a "Class '' not found" when running my code. I use composer autoload to load my classes. Solution (hopefully ). So there are a few  So there are a few things you can do to fix the "Class '' not found" in PHP. Typically it's just a typo or a uppercase where it should be lower or vice versa, in the namespace. So here is how I go about it. Step 0 (thanks Kushal Niroula! see his comment below)

Check to make sure your environment isn't being picky about your opening tags. My configuration requires:


If i try to use:


Then I get the same error as you.

php, Try this // The name of the php file that contains the connection include 'DB.php'; $dbfun = new DBConnection("username", "localhost",  Fatal error: Class 'B' not found in C:\phpproject\C on line 11 A has require_once(B.php), B has require_once(C.php), C has require_once(B.php) there are no other errors. php class abstract

if ( ! class_exists('User')) 
    die('There is no hope!');

Namespaces - Use - Class Not Found, $obj = new Department();. Unfortunately, I am getting a class not found error when I try to use this. See program below, a shorter version of the  Hi Guys, I am trying to build my application on my local test server (I have tried both WAMP and XAMPP just in case they were the problem) and I just keep getting the following error: Fatal error: Class MySQL not found in C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\\\php\\core.php on line 44 The class file is

I had this problem and the solution was namespaces. The included file was included in its own namespace. Obvious thing, easy to overlook.

Autoloading Classes - Manual, You should not have to use require_once inside the autoloader, as if the class is not found it wouldn't be trying to look for it by using the autoloader. Just use  Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Learn more . PHP Fatal error: Class not found - PHPUnit. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 9 months ago. Active 1 year ago. Viewed 21k times 16. 3. I'm

It may also be, that you by mistake commented out such a line like require_once __DIR__.'/../vendor/autoload.php'; --- your namespaces are not loaded.

Or you forget to add a classmap to the composer, thus classes are not autoloaded and are not available. For example,

"autoload": {
    "psr-4": {
        "": "src/"
    "classmap": [
"require": {
    "php": ">=5.3.9",
    "symfony/symfony": "2.8.*",

FAQ: things you need to know about namespaces - Manual, How do I use namespaces classes functions, or constants in their own namespace? Names that contain a backslash but do not begin with a backslash like or fully qualified, that contains a backslash will produce a fatal error if not found. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Learn more . Cannot find Class with PHP Namespace. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 5 months ago. Active 3 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 84k times 27. 5

class_exists - Manual, TRUE ] ) : bool. This function checks whether or not the given class has been defined. Return Values ¶. Returns TRUE if class_name is a defined class, FALSE otherwise. Found this buried in some search results. I don't remember the  PHP's autoload is overloaded when a class is instantiated whilst it does not exist but before the pre-processor throws a T_FATAL error. Common practice is to then replace \ with / and load it from a folder structure (why the namespace usually matches a directory structure. – ash Apr 22 '16 at 10:06

In ProviderRepository.php line 208: Class not found, php line 208: Class not found. Posted 2 years ago by ultrasamad. I removed a composer package, with composer remove devdojo/chatter . But  I'm running PHP 5.3.4 on Windows 7 and had some difficulty autoloading classes using class_exists(). In my case, when I checked for the class and it didn't exist, class_exists automatically threw a system Exception. I was also throwing my own exception resulting in an uncaught exception.

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class '' not found · Issue #3062 , PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class '' not found #3062. Closed not found Run PHPStan with --debug option and post the stack trace to:  Errors that can not be recovered from. Execution of the script is halted ; E_USER_WARNING - Non-fatal user-generated run-time warning. Execution of the script is not halted ; E_USER_NOTICE - Default. User-generated run-time notice. The script found something that might be an error, but could also happen when running a script normally ; Example

  • Useless... require_once() will kill the script with a fatal error if the file can't be found or read.
  • 'http: //localhost' is a bit worrying... why aren't you using the local filesystem?
  • You can include URLs, but in your case you are trying to include not a content of a file but its output which is empty of course.
  • For general sanity (and reduce the number of things which can go wrong), (and to make the world a better place), please don't http unless you have to for file includes (and if you do, change your design!)
  • The $ENGINE variable doesn't make sense to me - It should point to your main PHP engine, not to a HTTP path.
  • This was the problem I had. My solution was to add the following to php.ini: short_open_tag = On see:
  • If you dont have access to php.ini, you can add this to .htaccess: php_value short_open_tag 1
  • Jesus. Thx so much)
  • this was my issue as well. bless you.
  • i spent 5 hours to fix this by my own. because my problem was my customPackage in laravel not found by composer dump. so thats what i googled. then now i know what to google LOL
  • We're all doomed! DOOOMED!