Easiest way to open a download window without navigating away from the page

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What is the best cross browser way to open a download dialog (let's assume we can set content-disposion:attachment in the headers) without navigating away from the current page, or opening popups, which doesn't work well in Internet Explorer(IE) 6.

7 years have passed and I don't know whether it works for IE6 or not, but this prompts OpenFileDialog in FF and Chrome.

var file_path = 'host/path/file.ext';
var a = document.createElement('A');
a.href = file_path;
a.download = file_path.substr(file_path.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);

How to force open links in Chrome not download them?, How do I make a PDF link open instead of downloading? Open Toolsfrom the menu bar in IE, and then tap View downloadsin the menu. Way 3: View them via the Tools button. In Internet Explorer, click the Tools iconon the top right, and select View downloadsfrom the list.

This javascript is nice that it doesn't open a new window or tab.


Opening and editing .js javascript files, function startDownload(url) { window.location.href = url; }. This will start the download in the same page, exactly like when you click a link  If you need to navigate through various states of a single Page, without navigating from the Page itself, you can use IProvideCustomContentState and NavigationService.AddBackEntry. Cookies. Another way that WPF applications can store data is with cookies, which are created, updated, and deleted by using the SetCookie and GetCookie methods. The cookies that you can create in WPF are the same cookies that other types of Web applications use; cookies are arbitrary pieces of data that are stored

I always add a target="_blank" to the download link. This will open a new window, but as soon as the user clicks save, the new window is closed.

Launch download in the same tab without opening new tab or , easiest way to open a download window without navigating away from the page. Posted by: admin December 13, 2017 Leave a comment. Questions: What is  Windows 8 primer: how to navigate Microsoft's new operating system New, 269 comments The gestures, keyboard shortcuts, and tips you need to get your bearings in Windows 8 and Windows RT

Put this in the HTML head section, setting the url var to the URL of the file to be downloaded:

<script type="text/javascript">  
function startDownload()  
     var url='http://server/folder/file.ext';    
     window.open(url, 'Download');  

Then put this in the body, which will start the download automatically after 5 seconds:

<script type="text/javascript">  
setTimeout('startDownload()', 5000); //starts download after 5 seconds  

(From here.)

easiest way to open a download window without navigating away , Easiest way to open a download window without navigating away from the page. download file instead of opening in browser javascript javascript download file  This video tutorial is about "How To Remove Any Viruses From Windows 10 FREE Without Antivirus | Easiest Way" Command : sfc /scannow #removevir Skip navigation Sign in

I've been looking for a good way to use javascript to initiate the download of a file, just as this question suggests. However these answers not been helpful. I then did some xbrowser testing and have found that an iframe works best on all modern browsers IE>8.

downloadUrl = "http://example.com/download/file.zip";
var downloadFrame = document.createElement("iframe"); 

class="screenReaderText" is my class to style content that is present but not viewable.


.screenReaderText { 
  border: 0; 
  clip: rect(0 0 0 0); 
  height: 1px; 
  margin: -1px; 
  overflow: hidden; 
  padding: 0; 
  position: absolute; 
  width: 1px; 

same as .visuallyHidden in html5boilerplate

I prefer this to the javascript window.open method because if the link is broken the iframe method simply doesn't do anything as opposed to redirecting to a blank page saying the file could not be opened.

window.open(downloadUrl, 'download_window', 'toolbar=0,location=no,directories=0,status=0,scrollbars=0,resizeable=0,width=1,height=1,top=0,left=0');

Easiest way to open a download window without navigating away , Below are some of the ways that Javascript file downloads work: easiest way to open a download window without navigating away from the page along with it's href attribute, creates a hyperlink to other web pages, files… Look for the "add new tab" icon at the top of your browser. In general, this is near the URL text box and either looks like a small tab or has a plus sign, but the exact appearance will depend on your browser.

Web Security: File downloads behind Auth - Gaurav Gupta, For example, perhaps they made changes to a form without saving. First Open in app the user from navigating away from a route or reloading the page. This behavior is not immediately available, but it's relatively easy to accomplish. window.addEventListener("beforeunload", this.preventNav) this. Note. For C++ projects, you must add a #include directive in the header file of each page that references another page. For the inter-page navigation example presented here, page1.xaml.h file contains #include "Page2.xaml.h", in turn, page2.xaml.h contains #include "Page1.xaml.h".

How to prevent browser refresh, URL changes, or route navigation , This even will trigger whenever the user is trying to leave the page by In the following example, that you can try by clicking on the "Try" link, you can see how it is implemented. Warning before leaving the page (back button, or outgoinglink); window.onbeforeunload = function() (Reload the page, navigate away, etc.). The Navigation Pane in Windows 10 gathers your PCs most frequently used items. To make these items easy to find, the Navigation Pane divides itself into a few parts. Quick Access locations are clickable shortcuts to your most frequently accessed locations in windows. Within the Quick Access section you can easily find your desktop, downloads, …

Prevent leaving the page using plain JavaScript, easiest way to open a download window without navigating away from the page. What is the best cross browser way to open a download dialog (lets assume we  Depending on the PDF you open, you have to move forward through multiple pages, see different parts of the page, or change the magnification. There are many ways to navigate, but the following items are commonly used: Vertical and horizontal scroll bars appear to the right and bottom of the document

  • First thank you for this solution, but I found a bug if removeChild(a) the zip will unzip error with zip is broken, so remove this code solve it
  • , but A tag will more and more, so how do I check download is done?
  • @Manoj Rana - I have checked on FF 58.0.2 (64-bit) it is working. It won't work on any FF if you remove 2 lines document.body.appendChild(a); document.body.removeChild(a);
  • this doesnt work anymore developers.google.com/web/updates/2018/02/…
  • @user1933131 chrome removes only for cross-origin
  • This is the same as window.location = url; "Whenever a new value is assigned to the location object, a document will be loaded using the URL as if window.location.assign() had been called with the modified URL" - developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/window.location
  • This causes WebSocket connection to disconnect.
  • I have used the same solution but it opens file in same tab instead of opening a download dialog.
  • it's same to window.open(url, '_self') if the url is for download page then.
  • When using IE11 I found that this caused JS to stop. So for IE 11 I used window.open(url, '_blank') which did open another tab, however that tab closed when it worked out the file was a download. This kept the JS running.
  • This is the best answer. In Internet Explorer, adding the 'target="_blank"' to a link that is to be downloadedwill stop the browser from navigating away (where "HTML1300: Navigation occurred" is printed), and thus can leave the page in an inconsistent state.
  • that doesnt work, because in IE6, if the user clicks "save" the file is saved, but the popup stays open. This is not acceptable.