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This is annoying. I have a javascript file referenced on a django template:

 <script src="{% static 'js/login.js' %} "></script>

I made some changes to that js file. Then, I refresh the page and I can't see the changes happen.

If I remove the javascript from the file and put it in the HTML, it works correctly, but if I try to do it using the external js file then it doesn't. I have tried closing the server and running runserver several times, I've also tried changing from Firefox to Chrome. It makes no sense at all. Please help me understand, I can get away with including all the js inside the HTML but it bothers me that I can't do it the normal way anymore.

More details about this error (the #$&%# weirdest thing I've found):

The javascript is something like this:

old_sentence = "Dig that hole, forget the sun"  // this is what I want to change

new_sentence = "Run, rabbit, run"  // this is the new sentence, it just won't show up.

So, I changed the js and restart the server, still the html shows the old sentence. Then I deleted the reference to the login.js file and put all the js inside script tags in the HTML, of course, the new sentence appears. Then I include the login.js file, comment out the js inside the html BUT I delete all the content inside the login.js file, making it an empty file... but the old sentence still shows up. Therefore the old login.js file must be cashed somewhere I don't know. Then I open Chrome and try it all again, same problem.

What can it be? is there an option to force django to refresh staticfiles? I thought restarting the server was enough. .. should I reboot my computer? :/ lol.

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It sounds like both your browsers have the javascript file cached. In Chrome you can clear the cache by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del and ticking just 'Cached images and files'. Firefox probably has a similar shortcut.

You can take a look at this question on tips to disable caching of static files on your development server altogether.

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You need to bust the browser cache. This template tag will output a time based uuid when DEBUG=True. Otherwise it will look for a PROJECT_VERSION environment variable. If that is not found it will output a static version number.

import os
import uuid
from django import template                                                                                                              
from django.conf import settings                                                                                                         

register = template.Library()                                                                                                            

def cache_bust():                                                                                                                        

    if settings.DEBUG:                                                                                                                   
        version = uuid.uuid1()                                                                                                           
        version = os.environ.get('PROJECT_VERSION')                                                                                       
        if version is None:                                                                                                              
            version = '1'                                                                                                                

    return '__v__={version}'.format(version=version)

You would use in a template like this:

{% load cache_bust %}

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{% static "css/project.css" %}?{% cache_bust %}"/>

and here is the resulting output:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/static/css/project.css?__v__=7d88de4e-7258-11e7-95a7-0242ac130005"/>

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I have also struggled with this problem for hours. I have tried to inject random string using Javascript, but this method seems stupid and ugly-looking. One possible way to handle this problem is to introduce a custom tag. See this document for details:

Specifically, you need to create a package called templatetags in whatever apps you have created (or create a new one if you want). And you create any file in this package, and write something like this:

from django import template
from django.utils.crypto import get_random_string
from django.templatetags import static

register = template.Library()

class StaticExtraNode(static.StaticNode):

    def render(self, context):
        return super().render(context) + '?v=' + get_random_string(32)

def do_static_extra(parser, token):
    return StaticExtraNode.handle_token(parser, token)

def static_extra(path):
    return StaticExtraNode.handle_simple(path)

then you can use tag {% static_no_cache '.../.../path...' %} to create a path with random arguments!

I hope this would help!

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Quentin Tarantino wins best original screenplay Oscar for Django , Django won’t check the backends that follow. Note Once a user has authenticated, Django stores which backend was used to authenticate the user in the user’s session, and re-uses the same backend for the duration of that session whenever access to the currently authenticated user is needed.

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  • have you tried running python collectstatic? It sounds like you are modifying your working copy of the javascript and it is referencing the collected/out-of-date file.
  • Did you try Ctrl-F5 to refresh page with cache clearing ?
  • Thanks for your comments and your time. I already found the error, it was indeed a weird one. I found that django is pointing local environment staticfiles to the AWS Bucket that I use on deployment. So... running collectstatic is part of the solution I guess, the rest is re-configuring my staticfiles settings and somehow solving the AWS Bucket problem.
  • If you are using uwsgi with django, you may need to restart uwsgi to avoid getting old content being served
  • I am not sure if this is still relevant, but it can be that in dev environment if you have staticfiles_dirs set, and not only the static root, then django serves the static files from the _dirs not from the _root. That is what happens with me. If I work on the static file in the root, no change applied till collectstatic is run. If I work on a static file in the _dir, Ctrl+F5 applies the change.
  • The first option won't work on the development environment. That last point is a good tip though, I was changing the actual file name until now, but that's much better :)
  • How would you add the random parameter to <script src="{% static 'js/login.js' %} "></script>?
  • Why would you want to clear all static files? Doesn't that mean you would have to reupload them?
  • This ruined my server! It deleted my entire git repository. Why is this the selected answer?
  • I tried your first method and it deleted all my static files -.-
  • No way , as a good programmer you don't want clients to refresh in this way :(
  • He's on a dev server using runserver. Static files are directly loaded from their original location, so collectstatic won't change anything.
  • Please add some explanation to your answer such that others can learn from it - what makes you think that this works better than other approaches that received dozens of upvotes?
  • Instead of stopping the server and do some extra stuff. i.e run commands or add some code to the project. just refresh your page via cmd+shift+r. (Hard refresh) A hard refresh is a way of clearing the browser’s cache for a specific page, to force it to load the most recent version of a page.
  • Please add all information to your answer by editing it