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Is there an option to monitor a git repository in Jenkins, but not do the pull/clone/fetch upon commit?

  • The Source Code Mangement set to "Git"
  • The Repository URL is set to
  • The Branch to build is set to origin/1.0

I want the triggering of a build job based upon a commit to the specified branch in the repository, but I don't want the Jenkins build job to do the automatic pull/clone/fetch.

Apparently, there is no way to poll a github repository to start a Jenkins task and not download the aforementioned github repository.

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Assuming you configure your job to poll every minute, would running this command achieve your goal?

git log --since="1 minute ago" | wc -l

You would have to pull the repository when setting up the Jenkins workspace, but you could turn off the SCM connection afterwards.

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Let me understand your requirement here.

You want to monitor the repository but not to pull anything: whenever somebody commits into the repo, you want to check the integrity of repo instead of cloning.

I do not see any sense for above requirement; instead of jenkins you can have monitoring in place for the same.

Still you want to achieve this. You can set up a job without specifying any git URL in SCM section, and you can add the following in your execute shell section.

git ls-remote <GIT-URL>

(Make sure you have the proper permission to do this over the shell).

If you are all good, You will get all branches, tags and pull request info, and then you can decide the exit status.

Hope this helps.

How to make Jenkins build on Github changes, But how do you get it to build the app when changes are pushed to your but for now we just want to make sure everything works, so don't This will make it possible for you to choose the specific repo to monitor and build. Now, go to the GitHub project because it's time to configure the webhook so that GitHub can trigger the Jenkins job after every push in the repo. In your project, click on the Settings (1) tab

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Continuous integration with Jenkins - Tutorial, Jenkins monitors the execution of the steps and allows to stop the To trigger a build after a commit on the Git repository, select GitHub hook� Create a Jenkins that builds when changes are pushed to Github. We’re almost finished. We just need to create a job that automatically triggers when Jenkins sees a change to the repo. Start by clicking New Item. Specify a name for the project and choose Multibranch Pipeline, then click OK.

Jenkins CI service, GitLab workflow with Jira issues and Jenkins pipelines Use the Jenkins integration with Commits are always read from the repository directly. In order to display the build status in a merge request you must create a project service in GitLab. If you don't find the errors above, but do find duplicate entries like below (in� Use the Jenkins mailing list or the Jenkins chat systems to ask questions so that more people can help with the answers to those questions. Show Mark Waite added a comment - 2020-01-28 14:19 - edited Please don't use the bug tracker to ask questions.

  • I'm having trouble understanding the question. Why would you monitor a repository but not want to fetch it when it is updated? What are you actually trying to accomplish?
  • There are select changes and setups I want to do before cloning the repo. So, a change is committed to the repo, a Jenkins build job is triggered, my modifications happen, then the cloning of the repo happens.
  • We can only help you if you clearly explain what you are trying to do. "select changes and setups" isn't clear. I still don't understand what your actual goal is.
  • I want to clone another repo first which during it's build process does a git clone of the repo where the commit was done.
  • This question is completely understandable for me. You have to know how jenkins checks for source code modifications. If you don't, this question isn't meant for you.
  • Sorry, no, that was not helpful. I'm trying to have Jenkins monitor a specific github repo and start a build task based upon a commit to that repo's branch, but I don' want the build task to automatically do the clone.
  • I have tested above, You may want to change the strategy to match your exact need.
  • Unfortunately, it doesn't poll the github repo, which is my need. Thank you.