How do I tell the custom onSuccess function to stop the upload spinner in Ant Design Upload component?

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I have this code:

render() {
    const props = {
      onChange: this.handleChange,
      multiple: true,
      name: 'datafiles[]',
      defaultFileList: this.initialState.fileList,
      listType: "text",
      onSuccess: (resp, file, xhr) => {
        file.status = 'done';
        const newDatafile = {
          s3ObjectKey: `${this.props.userId}/${this.props.datasetId}`,
          filesizeBytes: file.size
        this.props.saveNewDatafile(newDatafile, (saveError, savedJob) => {
            //Yadda yadda
      showUploadList: {
        showPreviewIcon: true,
        showRemoveIcon: true
      customRequest: customRequest

As you can see, I am using the customRequest. If I don't pass the onSuccess function, then the component works properly on success. But when I pass it, the progress bar reaches the end, but it still shows the spinner as if it was still uploading.

Pesky spinner before the filename

How do I tell the Upload component that the upload finished? I tried with the file.status = 'done' in a sad attempt to fix it, but no luck. I need the custom onSuccess function so I can call the saveNewDatafile function.

I fixed it by using the onChange function instead of the onSuccess function, and adding a conditional if (file.status === 'done')

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After digging into src of upload component, I think it's impossible to use customRequest to control upload status, we have on way to set status in callback onSuccess.

That said, I found an example in the repo of antd to upload manually.

It seems antd prefer callback onChange instead of onSuccess/onError directly.

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const preventRequest = () => false;

<Upload beforeUpload={preventRequest}>
    <Icon type="upload" /> upload

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