How can I install and use Entity Framework Core in Visual Studio Code?

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I have already created the initial mvc web application template in visual studio code. And I can run the application in a browser at localhost:5000/ I can also see the views, controllers, viewmodels like the previous mvc core.

Now, how can I install and use entity framework core using visual studio code?


VS Code is just an editor. It doesn't install EF (or any packages). You can install EF by editing your csproj file to contain this set of lines.

   <PackageGroup Include="Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer" Version="1.1.0" />

VS Code may give you a prompt to "restore" pacakges. If not, call dotnet restore on command line.

Alternatively, on command line you can execute:

dotnet add package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer

See the "Getting Started" guide for more details on EF. To use EF, you need to write code. A full example is beyond the scope of a good StackOverflow answer and is subject to change as EF Core continually updates.

Installing Entity Framework Core, Visual Studio NuGet Package Manager Dialog. From the Visual Studio menu, select Project > Manage NuGet Packages. Click on the Browse or the Updates tab. To install or update the SQL Server provider, select the Microsoft. EntityFrameworkCore. SqlServer package, and confirm. Install Entity Framework Core. Entity Framework Core can be used with .NET Core or .NET 4.6 based applications. Here, you will learn to install and use Entity Framework Core 2.0 in .NET Core applications using Visual Studio 2017. EF Core is not a part of .NET Core and standard .NET framework. It is available as a NuGet package.

To be able to use entity framework in visual code you can use yeoman on the terminal:

>npm install -g yo
>npm install -g generator-efrepo
>yo efrepo

Then follow the instructions

ASP.NET Core, Users of Visual Studio can install Entity Framework Core via one of the package You also need the Entity Framework Core tools if you want to make use of EF� This article explains how to create a cross-platform ASP.NET Core Web application that leverages Entity Framework 7 to execute data operations against a database, and how to write code in Visual Studio Code (, which you use on Linux, OS X and Windows.

1st : You need three line of code to install EntityFrameWork core and its dependencies.

2nd : install them in this form

dotnet add package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore -v 2.1.14

dotnet add package -v 2.1.14

dotnet add package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer -v 2.1.14

I put a sample of them with version but you can get latest entityframework version if you remove version in last of line. like this.

dotnet add package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore

dotnet add package

dotnet add package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer


Remember your .Ner Core version should be compatible with lastest version of EntityFrameWork core which you want to install.So if you have error either you have to install lastet version of .Net Core or install EntityFrameWork core with a compatible version with .Net Core.

Probably you are looking for EntityFrameWork core version here and also for .net Core version here

Getting Started With Entity Framework Core, NET 4.6 based applications. Here, you will learn to install and use Entity Framework Core 2.0 in .NET Core applications using Visual Studio 2017. EF Core is not a� Using .NET Core in Visual Studio Code.NET Core provides a fast and modular platform for creating server apps that run on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Use Visual Studio Code with the C# and F# extensions to get a powerful editing experience with C# IntelliSense, F# IntelliSense (smart code completion), and debugging.

In addition to answers given above, following article has all the steps for adding EF Core using .Net Core CLI.

Getting Started with EF Core

Hope this helps to someone.

*Edit: - VS Code users can execute dotnet commands from Terminal window (Ctrl+Shift+`)

How To Get EF Core, Then using Visual Studio Code, write a simple ASP.NET Core application using Entity Duration: 30:03 Posted: Jul 31, 2016 Step 1: Install Visual Studio 2019. Learn how to install Visual Studio 2019 with this video tutorial and step-by-step instructions. If you have already installed Visual Studio, skip ahead to Step 2: Create your first ASP.NET Core web app. Watch this video and follow along to install Visual Studio and create your first ASP.NET Core app.

I think this is the updated link, as of June 3.

Install Entity Framework Core, You can also just run two commands. The first command will install the code generator templates. dotnet add package Microsoft.VisualStudio. Entity Framework Core is a lightweight, extensible, open-sourced version of the Entity Framework Data Access Technology built for .NET Core Applications. It is essentially a way to read and write data in a flexible and easier way.

From Start to Finish: ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and , I want to build this database using EntityFrameWork. I have googled Yes you can do do EF Core work with VS Code. First you This will install CLI,now you can simply use the command prompt to run migration commands. Then using Visual Studio Code, write a simple ASP.NET Core application using Entity Framework Core with SQLite. This will explain many features of Visual Studio Code including editor utilities and

Build a CRUD App with ASP.NET Core 2.2 and Entity Framework , Entity Framework Core is a lightweight and extensible version of the popular Entity Framework Install-Package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore -Version 3.1. 6. These are the specific tools that make up Entity Framework tools in Visual Studio: You can use the ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer (Entity Designer) to visually create and modify entities, associations, mappings, and inheritance relationships.

Entity Framework Database first approach in VS Code.,

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